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Holiday Workouts – Part 1

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we are leaving the gym behind for beaches, walks, sun, and relaxation. When on holiday, exercise is often not a priority and that is OK – after all, you are on holiday. Lying on a beach somewhere instead of going to the gym should not make you feel bad or guilty, and it is not the purpose of this blog to make you feel that way. However, we know some of you out there wish to stay active on a holiday and struggle to find ways to do that, and we want to help you!

If you wish to exercise when you are away to keep fit or to make the transition into the gym easier when you get back, there are a lot of things you can do without access to a gym. In this blog, we provide you with a few quick and easy sessions you can do anywhere with little or no equipment needed. The sessions last between 15-30 minutes, and are suitable for everyone, from beginners to the more advanced.

First out is body weight sessions you can easily do without access to the gym.

Next Sunday we will give you 4 cardio sessions and a PDF file with all the workouts. In the meantime, you can find videos of the workouts on all our social media platforms. Stay tuned!

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Session 1: Jo’s Full body circuit

You need: 2 full water bottles, a playground/swing set

With as little rest as possible between exercises, do:

10+10 split squats (advanced: back foot elevated in swing)

8-10 kneeling plank walkouts

10-12 body rows (advanced: pull-ups/chin-ups)

8-10 superman push-ups

12-20 unilateral side raises w/static hold on opposite side

Rest 1 minute. Repeat circuit 3-5 time.

Video of the session can be found on our Instagram:


Session 2: David’s AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)


10 inch-worm push-ups

10-20m walking lunges

10 Russian twists

10-20m bear crawls

10 dorsal raises

10-20m frog jumps

Complete as many rounds as you can in 15-20 minutes.

Video of the session can be found on our Instagram:


Session 3: Kate’s Upper body Summer circuit

You need: A bench, low wall, or step


10 decline push-ups (or normal push-ups)

10 Tricep dips (preferably higher step than in video)

10 plank rotations (either side)

10 plank knees to chest (either side)

Repeat 4 times with as little rest as possible.

Video of the session can be found on our Instagram:


Session 4: Jo’s Legs & Glute session

You need: A bench, sofa, bed, sun bed or step

First, do:

10+10 deep reverse lunges w/knee raise
8 1 1/2 rep sumo squats
10+10 Bulgarian split squats (advanced: add a jump)

Repeat the above exercises two-three times with as little rest as possible. Then do:

10-40 Elevated feet glute bridge
20-30 Fire hydrant (either side)
12-20 single leg hip thrusts

Repeat two-three times.

Video of the session can be found on our Instagram:


Stay tuned for more next week!

Healthy regards,

The Result Team