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HIT Machine Sessions

HIT Machine Session - Result Fitness Durham

Burn Fat Not Time On Our Fantastic New HIT Machines

Short In Duration – A HIT session is all about quality not quantity, it is short in duration (30 minutes) high on intensity and incredibly effective.

High Calorie Burn – The high intensity nature of a HIT session enables users to burn calories at a greater rate than most other forms of exercise. The ATERBURN effect also causes you to burn calories for hours after.

Less Muscle Soreness – The concentric nature of the variable resistance significantly reduces post exercise muscle soreness and recovery time. Bottom line, Train harder recover faster.

Suitable For All Users – The HIT machine will respond INDIVIDUALLY to the force and effort YOU apply.

Heart Monitor – HIT Machines are paired with the most advanced polar heart rate technology (polar team pro) allowing users to monitor their effort and performance during each session. At the end of the session, a report is generated and emailed to you Instantly, you can view your effort intensity and how many calories you burned.

Group Personal Training – Up to 4 people can train at once under the guidance of a personal trainer. Training in small groups has been scientifically proven to improve motivation and engagement.